What is Gold Gate?

Gold Gate is a real estate investment fund manager that acquires luxury real estate throughout the world for the personal use and financial benefit of our investors.

Who manages the properties?

A five-star third party property management and concierge firm manages the properties and client services in each location.

How long can I stay at these homes?

The minimum time that you can stay at one home is 3 days. The maximum time that you can stay at one home is 15 days. Each investor is allocated 45 days of property usage every year.

What services and amenities are provided?

Each property is managed and maintained by a five-star property management and concierge firm in each market. Concierge services vary from car rental, grocery shopping, childcare, chef-prepared meals, and other specially customized activities.

Will these homes be available when I want them to be?

Gold Gate deliberately underutilizes its assets to ensure accessibility. If all of our investors use all of their allocated nights, the residences are only occupied for 62% of the year. Our investor-to-property ratio is based on an average of no more than five full investment interests per property which is the lowest in the industry.

What about travel during major holidays/events?

To give fair access to all investors, Gold Gate conducts lotteries twice a year for holidays and major events (Aspen X Games, Monaco Grand Prix, etc.)

Can I share an investment interest with someone else or buy it for my company or trust?

Yes. Ownership can be held in an individual’s name, couple’s name, or a legal entity such as an LLC or family trust, with a designated representative. Unaccompanied guests over the age of 25 may enjoy the homes and will be treated with the same exemplary concierge service that members enjoy.

How are these homes maintained?

Gold Gate’s maintenance standards are extremely stringent. We understand and have budgeted appropriately for the upkeep and maintenance required to maximize appreciation of our luxurious assets. There are periodic inspections by our experienced property managers, as well as feedback from investors that guide necessary repairs and preventative maintenance.

New properties may undergo a design review by our design firm to assess needed alterations. Equal attention is given to interiors, exteriors, and landscaping in order to keep the properties up to Gold Gate’s standards.

What is included in the annual operating expense?

Property and liability insurance, maintenance and repairs, utilities and landscaping, property taxes, vendor management, property management, storm preparations, decor and furnishings, remodeling, HOA fees.

When are the operating expenses due by?

Operating expenses for the first year will first be paid upfront with each investor's initial investment. For every year thereafter, operating expenses will be due on each investor's respective anniversary date of when they first invested.

How can I get liquidity for my investment interest?

Please see the investment process page.

Will there be a lockup period?

Due to SEC regulations, shares are unable to be traded for 12 months after the initial issuance. After the shares have been owned for more than 12 months, investors will be able to sell their shares in that fund at any time going forward.

Can investors rent out their weeks to others that are not invested in the fund?

No. Only investors in the fund itself will be allowed to use the properties. If one investor eclipses their allocated property usage, they will be able to rent days/weeks from other investors in the fund by paying for that person’s share of the operating expenses.