Fund I


Gold Gate will seek to raise a total of $100M through the sale of 100 available shares at $1M each.


With this fund, Gold Gate will aim to acquire 20 luxury properties in 20 locations throughout the world. Please see the 20 locations in the section below.  


The expected average value of each property that Gold Gate will acquire is $5M+. 


The annual operating expense ratio for investors aims to be around 6%. For someone that invests $1,000,000, their annual operating expense is expected to be $60,000 (paid annually) and will grow with inflation. This 6% fee includes the investor's share of the property taxes, property and liability insurance, maintenance and repairs, utilities and landscaping, vendor management, property management, storm preparations, decor furnishings, remodeling, HOA fees, and more.


The expected total number of days allocated per share is 45. Based on an estimated annual operating expense of $60,000, that would equate to around $1,300 per night. Where else in the world can you live in a $5M+ home for $1,300 per night? We estimate that our investors will save 50-75%+ on this intrinsic benefit alone.


After 10 to 15 years of unforgettable experiences and property use, Gold Gate will begin selling the properties in the fund and dissolving the fund altogether. Once the properties have been sold and the fund dissolved, Gold Gate will pay back investors their initial investment plus their share of the profit interests.

Fund I Locations

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